Life Direction
Subtle energies Report
A Flower and Gen Exploration That Provides Remarkable Information

   This is a very special report for those who accept the power of subtle energies and healing properties found in flower essences, gemstones, gem elixirs, color, music, aromatherapy an visualization. With this unique   new program, your personal astrology can pinpoint what will be most effective to transform difficult patterns, and manifest your greatest potentials in many areas of life.
   Many of the suggested therapies work on your energy field, chakras, and aura. harmony balance, and clarity (and thus health) can be enhanced by these subtle but powerful approaches to holistic support.
   The back of the report is a recourse listing to help you obtain the suggested items, oils and elixirs. Approximately 15 pages.
Subtle Energy Flowers
& Gem Report..........AST24 - $19.95

Astrological "Profile" Report
To Indicate Your Dharmic Direction

   Here is a way to project your astrological information into an expanded awareness of your natural abilities (your dharmic direction). If the following sounds complicated, please be aware that this short report is easy to read and understand. It will show your strengths and weaknesses in regard to the 25 most common human traits...and the information could direct you toward paths you've never considered exploring. The Profile determines a numerical value to personality traits, similar to scores that you might receive on an I! or personality test, but in this case its based on the astrological birth chart.
   This chart analyzes 25 traits and gives a score to each. For each trait, a weight is given to each planet in each sign of the zodiac, each house, each aspect, and each midpoint structure. As an example suppose that for trait 1 (mental concentration, technical detail, logic, research), Mercury in Virgo has a weight of 10, Capricorn a weight of 4, in the third house a weight of 3, and aspecting Saturn is given a specific weight based on aspect and orb. The Profile Chart then totals up the score for each trait, (If you didn't understand that, don't worry. You will when you read it as applied to your traits.)
Profile Chart..........AST4 - $6.95

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