In addition to Mind, Body& Soul also offers Online
Consultations and Personal training, click below to find out more. . .

Online Consultations

A simple over the phone personal training consultation will enable one to independantly initiate a physical training program.  I will answer any and all questions in regards to personal training, dieting and nutrition.

Call 718-699-5725 to speak with Victor Daniel.

Victor Daniel, Personal Trainer, American
Council on Excercise-
$75.00 per hour.

Personal Training

One on One consultations that creates
a blue print for your physical well being.  Read and follow through the steps below to be on your way to a healthier lifestyle

Step One: Please fil out and submit
this questionare.

Step Two: Schedule a two hour consultation and fitness evaluation.   The fitness evaluation includes:
    1. Your physical measurements from
    head to toe.
    2. Your body fat percentage.
    3. your heart rate.
    4. A goals and expectations analysis.
    5. A physical training schedule.
    6. A physical health evaluation.
    7. A one year progression of your
    8. A cardiovascular training schedule.
    9. A personalized dieting

Step Three: Based on your questionnaire and evaluation,
we customize a program to meet you individual needs and preferences.

This is a 2 hour consultation that empowers and enables one to independently initiate a physical training program.....$150.00

Victor Daniel   Forest Hills, NY 11375  
Voice: (877) 656-9663  Fax: (212) 202-6367

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Victor Daniel   Forest Hills, NY 11375  
Voice: (718) 699-5725   Fax: (718) 699-2580

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