Relationship Reports
Seer Relationship Report
A Quickie Relationship Analysis of Friends,

Lovers or Business Associates

   This compute program was developed by psychologist and physicist Buryl Payne to analyze relationships of friends, lovers or business associates.  Using a unique twist in the technique of synasty, the two peoples ' suns are placed together and then the cross aspects are weighed and interpreted.  This gives a very different reading than the more traditional methods.
   Each relationship is based on an involved "Love Harmony Index" and totaled on a numerical scale of 0-25 (Lovers).  Then the positives and negatives are discussed.  Occasionally a chart is so good it will go over 25, and occasionally one is so bad it will dip beneath 0.  We entered the astrological data for Prince Charles and Princess Diana and the feedback was minus one.  Each persons' inner harmony is also evaluated.  The short printout is extremely insightful and so accurate, several newspapers have reported that businesses are using SEER in their employment division.  After testing this software we were very impressed with the technique.
   You need complete astrological data for yourself and the other person.   Each report is three or four pages.
SEER Friends Reports..........AST29 - $8.95

SEER Lovers Reports..........AST30 - $

SEER Business Associates Report..........AST31- $8.95

Compatibility Astrology Charts
Analyses The Relationships of Two People

   Two separate compatibility reports:
1. Romantic Compatibility Chart gives two separate charts and how they relate to each other.
2. Astrolabe Romantic Composite Chart combines both your charts to create a separate chart of your romantic relationship. 
   These charts can help you answer all your questions about relationships: Would Johnny be a good mate? Would Robert make a good business partner? Why can't I get along with my boss? Why are Mar and I such good friends? Astrological factors cannot be denied when it comes to the success or failure of any kind of relationship. These in-depth reports are clearly written and very accurate. You'll be astounded to see how effectively the reports describe the aspects of the relationship and its potentials.   It also provides you with insights on how to handle problem areas .
   Each report runs from 7 to 15 pages. We need exact birth information from both people.
Romantic Compatibility Chart..........AST5 - $22.50


Relationship Numerology Report
Multi-Level Romantic Compatibility

Expand your awareness of your current relationship or a relationship you are considering.  This insightful report covers 12 in-depth topics, each divided into 3 sections: One for each of the two individuals and another for the two of them as a couple. Adaptability - how flexible and accepting you are of each other. Sociability - how you approach and relate to others and how to get the most from this interaction. Sensitivity - how your emotions and feelings enhance or detract from creating deeper intimacy with each other. Communication - the characteristic way you discuss important matters with each other. Ability to Give Love and Affection - How you express your tender loving side with each other. Physical compatibility - how you both approach your sexual relationship together and what you each need and want from the other. More, including the influences of the current year. 9 - 17 pages.
Relationship Numerology Report..........AST20 - $24.95

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