Feng Shui

Linda Williams-Jehan, F.S.I.A. Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

  • A woman places a vase with red flowers in her window and a week
    later recieves a job offer

  • A couple rearranges the furniture in their living room and finds they
    argue less often.

  • An executive places a fish tank in her office and receives a promotion
    one month l

These are true accounts of the seemingly "magical" effects of Feng Shui.

   Feng Shui (pronounced "FUNG SHWAY" literally translated means "wind and water".  It is commonly defined as the ancient Chinese art of placement and is really about the relationship between person and place.  Our environment affects us in ways we are seldom aware.  A change in your environment will change your life.

   A Feng Shui consultation consists of an initial interview during which your goals will be defined and photographs will be taken of your home.  A report will then be written containing the concerns and suggested cures for each room in your home.  A second interview is then conducted to go over the report in detail.  Although certain results will often be seen immediately, it may take approximately thirty days after implementation for the entire cures to take effect.

   I have been certified by the Feng Shui Institute of America as a Feng Shui professional.  I also offer tarot card readings for coporate and private special events or private consultation.   My clients enjoy the choice of Feng Shui, Tarot or a unique combination of the two.

Here are some before  and after shots of Feng Shui Interior Design. Enjoy!

sample 1
sample 2
sample 3

Where we are as important as who we are!

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