Dharmic Direction Career Report

What Do You Want To Do With

The Rest Of Your Life?

   Your dharma is your duty to yourself and society. Often defined as career direction, dharma is a key indicator of your earthly purpose. This 28 - 30 page report will help you find your best direction through your personal astrology. Effective career planning begins with knowledge of yourself, your preferences, aspirations and motivations. Your career strengths and weaknesses are explored, as well as important relating factors such as how others perceive you.
   Are you conventional or unconventional? Intuitive or logical? Do you need routine or variety? Your unique planet placements are related to career factors such as: Generating and communicating ideas, solving problems, and indicating new directions. Organization, manipulation, storage and retrieval of data. Relating and communicating with people. Creating manufacturing or operating mechanical things. Much more.
Career Report..........AST23 - $24.95

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