"Draw in the reality you wish to create for yourself "

Manifesting Your Destiny Hypnosis cds  - 30-45 minutes in length

  1. Breathing exercise

  2. Body relaxation

  3. Chakra balancing

  4. White light mediation

  5. Your ideal day/scenario

  6. Positive affirmations

This tape has you visualize the grandest version of the greatest vision you ever had about yourself, which allows you to draw it into your own physical reality.

 5 Hours of research and development


"Sovereignty is the key to all personal growth and empowerment"

One-on-One Consultations/American Board of Hypnotherapy Counselors.
$75 per hour.  click here

All hypnotherapy sessions are approximately two hours in length.

Session types include:


Smoking Cessation

Future Lives

Weight Loss

Chakra Balancing


Create Wealth

Stop Drinking

Stress Control


Radiant Health

Astral Projection

Creative Visualization


Confidence & Positive Thinking

Eliminating Fear & Worry

Forgive & Release

Outer Body Experiences

Concentration Ability

Charisma: Project & Attract Love

Positive Thinking

Love: Attracting Perfect Love

Great Memory

Beautiful Skin

Learning Acceleration

Love Myself


Remote Viewing

Ultimate Relaxation

Grow Your Hair Back

From Gray To Natural

Cure Yourself


Also available are custom designed Hypnosis cds. click here

"Mind, Body & Soul measures success on their ability to render clients independent from their services."